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Hobbies of Several Kinds

In accordance with my sort-of resolution thingy, I have been reading from my TBR collection. Go me! Also, not buying any new books. Go me some more!

I read (among other things) Primary Inversion by Catherine Asaro, which I liked very much indeed, though the copy I have on my e-reader is full of copy-editing-type errors. Extra or missing words, slight misspellings, etc. Boo. But I got it via the Baen Free Library, and the "free" aspect made it less frustrating than it could have been. When I am allowing myself to buy books again, I'll see about getting my hands on the sequel(s) and hope for better editing.

Another thing I've been doing the past little while is working on a few dolls. I finished two that are clothed in comic book panels - which was really fun to do, though also really sticky - and they're up in my Etsy shop if you want to take a look. Or, y'know, buy one. Please do share links to anything there if you think a friend would get a kick out of 'em, btw. I would love to sell some dolls, not so much for the money (though money is nice) but because I enjoy making them a lot, but I enjoy it even more when someone else gets to have one that makes them smile.

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