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Sourdough Attempt The First

So I made some bread today! The recipe indicated that it'd take up to fourteen hours for the first rise, and our sourdough culture laughed in the face of that estimate. Then I punched it down and made pan loaves, and then let it rise again, and then slashed (somewhat inexpertly, as you will see) and baked is mediocre, alas. The texture is excellent, go me! The flavor is pretty bland. I can taste what will be a very nice sourness, when the culture is a bit older, but it's barely there. However, it will be good sandwich bread, or nice for toast with butter and jam, and I am content.

Behold, pictures!

Here is how it looked right after forty five minutes of epic kneading:

Seven-ish hours later:

In loaf form:

The lumpy foreground loaf was Jimmy's attempt - his first ever! - which smoothed out nicely after the second rise. Two hours later:

And then, after baking:

The hilariously over-tall and lopsided loaf is the one I shaped, which I think I did not slash thoroughly enough. I did Jimmy's deeper and more evenly, and it came out much less silly.

Anyway, adventure! Followed by edible results! Hooray!

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