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Doll in Progress - Suravi

I thought you all might like to see a picture of my latest OoaK project-in-progress, a doll of Suravi which will be a gift for Pride High creator Tommy Roddy.

Here's the doll so far:

She's not wearing anything from the comics, but rather an outfit that I've been putting together that strikes me as something she might wear. If I get really ambitious, I might try to make her superhero costume - but I'm not so skilled with the small-scale sewing, so I dunno. We'll see.

In order to finish the doll in her casual outfit, I've got to still find her some shoes, fix up her hair a bit, and I think I want to bend one of her arms and make her a cane. The modifications that I've made already include an iris repaint (they're yellow, under those glasses), new lipstick, and a head swap. When I got the idea to make the doll, it was partly because I had just picked up a doll that I thought totally had Suravi's nose - but that head was on a twist'n'turn body, and I wanted to give her a bellybutton body (I think they look more like teenager bodies). So then I had to hunt down a body with the same skin-tone as the head, which was not easy. And she's really too light (though not quite as light as this picture makes her seem - that's the flash at work), which is too bad. I think Mattel has come a long way in face sculpts and skin tones, and their newer lines of dolls have some nice variety of ethnicity - but they still don't make very many dolls with very dark skin.

The nose is pretty perfect though, huh?
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