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I Missed a Spot on My Thumb

On the bad side, my neck really hurts. Like, shooting pains when I turn my head. And I wasn't even in any car accidents or anything!

On the good side, I had my first all-women D&D game meeting last night, and it was really fun, and I think all the players enjoyed themselves even though everyone was a little unsure about what they were doing. I'm really excited about next week - hopefully I'll be able to make the game even better.

Also, I had my fingerprints taken today. That was pretty interesting, as well as being a necessary step on the teaching certification path. Afterwards, they gave me a pumice-based scrub to use to get all the ink off, so my skin is all smooth like I've just had a manicure, too.

I'm seeing lots of hits on my Etsy store, so I'm feeling kind've encouraged even though I haven't made a sale yet. People seem to be enjoying the dolls, at the very least, which makes me happy. Anyway, I'd like to get started on another doll or two this week, but I've got too many ideas to choose from. Help me narrow it down:

What Doll(s) Would You Like to See Next?

Conflicted half-faerie teenager
More characters from Riadorf
Cool-lookin', but without backstory
Ticky box!
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