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Robyn Fleming
20 November 1982
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So, my name is Robyn, I'm in my late 20s, live in Tucson, Arizona, and am a giant geek. I like sci-fi television shows, genre literature, making one of a kind fashion dolls, and feminist media criticism, among other things. I run a martial arts school - Tucson Chayon-Ryu - and write articles about tabletop and video games (which you can find links to at my website). I also write romance, but I do that under a pseudonym. If you ask me nicely, and you're not one of my students, I'll probably tell you what it is.

My husband, Jameson, and I have two cats, and a parakeet that can say, "What the deuce?!" The cats don't talk much.

I like making new friends. Don't be afraid to say hello!